Upgrading your worship environment can be a daunting process, especially if you’ve never done it before

My coaching services allow you to have a sounding board to get feedback, advice, and resources for your project. You’ll get individualized attention to help you with brainstorming, process, strategy, and design. You’ll gain peace of mind and confidence to move forward in your project

I’ve taken many roads through ministry, enabling me to understand the different aspects of worship service planning and how important the worship experience is in the life of the church.

I am experienced in stage / lighting / graphic / interior design, worship service planning, music ministry, tech and production, project management, large-scale event management, communications and marketing, strategic planning, volunteer mobilization and management, first impressions ministry, and pastoral ministry.

I’d love to chat more so we can if there’s a way for me to assist you in your challenges.

Please contact me for a free 25-minute discovery session.

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